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The Carolina Asia Center supports and celebrates the work of faculty and students who are involved with the work of Global Asias. We recognize that “Asia” is no longer a geographically distant and discrete place, culture, or group of peoples, and our work focuses on transnational, transregional, diasporic, and global connections of peoples, environments, ideas, technologies, materials, languages, and finances of Asia.  As demonstrated by new developments in academia, such as the founding of the journal Verge, and this Global Asias initiative launched by other academic institutions and organizations, the time is ripe for collaborative work among scholars in the interconnected yet historically separate fields of regional studies, ethnic studies, and diaspora studies. 

Recent events on Global Asias from the CAC include the series on Korean Diaspora in Film and New Media in Fall 2023, and we have special programs related to this area of research for example in our Bringing Southeast Asia Home project. Visit our events calendar for the latest information on upcoming opportunities.