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Radioactive Bodies and Imaging Phantom in Coastal Fukushima

Friedl 225, Duke East Campus Durham, NC, United States

This two-day workshop aims to explore the imagery of nuclear power, protest, risk, and disaster in historical and transnational perspective. Through photographs, comics, paintings, and contaminated landscapes from the United States, Japan, India, Germany, and Australia, ranging in date from … Read more

Women and Animals: Culinary Dilemmas and Karmic Entanglement

FedEx Global Education Center, Room 1009 301 Pittsboro St., Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Late sixteenth-century China witnessed a surge in the popularity of the Buddhist practice of buying animals and then setting them free. Releasing life, as it was called, could be practiced informally or as part of highly elaborate releasing-life ceremonies organized … Read more

Sowa Rigpa: The Science of Healing as Local Practice, National Heritage, and Global Brand

Rubenstein Library, Room 249 411 Chapel Dr, Durham, NC, United States

A lecture by Sienna Craig, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Dartmouth College. Sienna Craig is a professor of cultural anthropology at Dartmouth College, invested in understanding the multiple ways that so-called 'traditional' medical systems interact with biomedicine: from patient-healer relationships … Read more

The Soul of China: The Return of Religion After Mao

Perkins Library, Room 217, Duke West Campus Durham, NC, United States

Following a century of violent anti-religious campaigns, China is now filled with new temples, churches and mosques--as well as cults, sects and politicians trying to harness religion for their own ends. Driving this explosion of faith is uncertainty--over what it … Read more

TEAC Lecture: “Global Wealth History”

N.C. State University Raleigh, NC, United States

The Triangle East Asian Consortium is excited to present a public event: Global Wealth History: East Asia and the Laws of Supplies and Demands to be held at NC State University (111 Lampe Drive, Room 341) on November, 7th, Monday … Read more

The Carolina Asia Center supports diverse Asia-related events. However, CAC co-sponsorship of any talk, seminar, documentary screening, film screening, performance or celebration does not constitute endorsement of or agreement with the views presented therein. As an academic institution, we value diverse perspectives that promote dialogue and understanding.