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2018 Southeast Asian Language Workshops

The Carolina Asia Center is proud to announce we're offering Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, and Vietnamese workshops starting Monday, March 19 (as part of our 2018 Asia Week)! Please register for your spot today!! Register here

Crazy Rich Asians Screening & Panel

Silverspot Cinema University Place, 201 S Estes Dr #100, Chapel Hill, NC

*Sold Out: Email to be added to the waitlist* Carolina Asia Center, the UNC Institute for the Arts and Humanities, the Phillips Ambassadors, and Carolina Public Humanities invite you to Silverspot Cinema for an evening of food, conversation, and … Read more

Endangered Cultures: the Montagnards of Cambodia and Vietnam

FedEx Global Education Center, Room 1009 301 Pittsboro St., Chapel Hill, NC

The highlanders of mainland Southeast Asia are indigenous ethnic peoples whose ancestral territories once spanned the uplands of Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. Often collectively referred to as Montagnards, they consist of more than 30 different ethnic groups, including the Bunong, … Read more

Justice After Dictatorship in Thailand

Carolina Hall, Room 220 NC

On 22 May 2014, a military junta calling itself the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) launched a coup and ousted the elected government in Thailand. On 16 July 2019, the NCPO formally ceased to exist when a new … Read more

The River Grew Tired of Us: New Flows Along the Mekong River

FedEx Global Education Center, Room 1009 301 Pittsboro St., Chapel Hill, NC

Open lecture with Andrew Johnson, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Princeton University. Along the Mekong, where it creates the border between Thailand and Laos, hydropower projects have triggered a transformation. Strange floods and ebbs disrupt fish migrations, undercut riverbanks, and … Read more

Comparative Queer Southeast Asian Studies

FedEx Global Education Center Room 1009 NC

Louis Dumont’s insight that mutual interdependence through difference informs hierarchical arrangements helps make sense both of Southeast Asia’s long-standing gender binarism and of the relative tolerance historically afforded people of non-normative gender and sexuality in the region. Even when gender … Read more

The Carolina Asia Center supports diverse Asia-related events. However, CAC co-sponsorship of any talk, seminar, documentary screening, film screening, performance or celebration does not constitute endorsement of or agreement with the views presented therein. As an academic institution, we value diverse perspectives that promote dialogue and understanding.