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Asia Week: Temporary Migrant Workers in (Post-)Pandemic Times: The Spatial Politics of Non-Integration and Prospects for Change

FedEx Global Education Center, Room 4003 Chapel Hill

The challenges of contemporary migration in Asia must be understood in the context of the postcolonial development of nation-states in the region. When large-scale labour migration began in the 1970s, many Asian countries had only recently cut their colonial apron … Read more

Ambassador Katherine Tai: U.S. Trade Representative

FedEx Global Education Center, Nelson Mandela Auditorium 301 Pittsboro St., Chapel Hill

Can trade be a force for good? That’s what Ambassador Katherine Tai, current United States Trade Representative, is pursuing through worker-centered trade policy by prioritizing workers and their livelihoods, not just low costs and maximum efficiencies, and bringing underrepresented and underserved … Read more

Asia Week: Trivia at Linda’s Bar & Grill

203 E Franklin St Linda's Bar & Grill

Test your trivia skills on Asia at Linda's Bar and Grill! As a part of the 2023 Asia Week, the Carolina Asia Center is hosting an Asia trivia night at Linda's Bar & Grill! A music and movie round will … Read more

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