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Ackland Art Museum

The Ackland Art Museum is an academic unit of UNC-Chapel Hill and holds the largest Asian art collection in the Southeast U.S. Because art is a crucial component of global education, the museum implements exhibits and workshops targeting K-12 students. The Carolina Asia Center collaborates with the museum to host various Asia-related programs. For education programs for K-12, community colleges, and universities, go to the website.

Asia for Everyone

An initiative of Columbia University, this website will allow you access to 7 resource sites. This includes Asia for Educators designed to serve faculty and students in world history, culture, geography, art, and literature at the undergraduate and pre-college levels. Expanding East Asian Studies Program presents innovative courses and teaching materials that incorporate the study of East Asia in broad thematic, transnational, and interdisciplinary contexts and provides models for incorporating East Asia into general education, disciplinary, and survey courses in undergraduate curricula.Inner Asia Curriculum Resources provides materials for teaching and studying the Inner Asia region.Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL) is a specialized training program at Columbia’s Teachers College that prepares educators to teach Chinese to speakers of other languages. It also provides great lesson plans. These programs are partnered with Weatherhead East Asian Institute and Interact.

Asia Society

Asia Society’s Center for Global Education mission is to develop global competence in students, young leaders, and educators as the foundation for understanding between people in the Asia Pacific region and throughout the world. Visit Asia Society for resources for educators from background knowledge on Asia to lesson plans.

Asian Art Museum

Asian Art Museum offers teacher events, workshops, teacher packets, and now provides online resources on iTunes.

Asian Studies LibGuide from University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

See the UNC Libraries guides and resources on Asian Studies! It ranges from general books and articles to specific country topics.

Carolina Navigators

Carolina Navigators is a service-learning program that works with University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s students who have international expertise, to create FREE global resources for K-16 teachers and students across the state.  They create culture kits, digital resources, and virtual presentations. Visit their youtube series for classroom presentations, culture kit demos, and more.

Chinese Resources at Dartmouth College

This web page from Dartmouth College provides educators with original texts in either classical or vernacular Chinese, images from photos and printed materials, and voice resources.

Digital South Asia Library from University of Chicago and the Center for Research Libraries

The Digital South Asia Library has a compilation of reference resources, images, maps, statistics, books, journals, indexes, bibliographies, union lists, and other internet resources.

East Asia Gateway for Linking Educators

This site is an online resource designed to promote collaboration and support for the teaching of East Asia among educators.

The Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation has compiled a list of teaching resources. They included their web resources and other organizations’ resources. They have a variety of items from a portal to share materials with other Japanese language teachers to smartphone apps for learners.

Japan Society

Japan Society has developed “About Japan: A Teacher’s Resource” for educators to use in the K-12 classroom. This web page has resources under culture, environment, globalization, history, Japanese language, and social issues.

The Korea Society

The Korea Society provides education resources about Korea such as fellowships, in-service courses, lectures, one-day conferences, Project Bridge, school visits, educational resources, family programs, and more.


LEARN NC, a program of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Education, finds the most innovative practices in K-12 education and makes them available to the teachers and students of North Carolina. The Carolina Asia Center works with LEARN NC to infuse Asia content in their lesson plans and to offer various programs for instructors. Learn NC’s website contains Asia-focused lesson plans and other materials that can be easily accessed through their website.

The Library of Congress’s Internet Resources on Asian Reading Room

The Library of Congress provides a list of multimedia websites about Asia.

National Humanities Center

The National Humanities Center is committed to linking scholarship to improved teaching. This program offers America in Class Lessons, America in Class Webinars, and Toolbox Library Primary Sources. The National Humanities Center also offers other services such as TeacherServe, Teacher Advisory Council and Reading Our Stories. Subscribe to their YouTube channel!

National Consortium for Teaching about Asia

The National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA), funded by the Freeman Foundation, is a multi-year initiative to encourage and facilitate teaching and learning about East Asia in elementary and secondary schools nationwide. NCTA is a premier provider of professional development on East Asia. NCTAsia also provides short classroom-applicable video presentations called Class Apps.


Provides updates from National Resource Centers on East Asia about resources and conferences for educators and students.

South Asia Institute at Columbia University

The South Asia Institute (SAI) coordinates activities at Columbia University that relate to study of the countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The Institute organizes conferences, seminars, exhibits, films, lecture series and brown bag talks that bring together faculty and undergraduate and graduate students with diverse interests and backgrounds. SAI partners with departments, centers, and institutes at Columbia, and works with South Asia groups on campus and off, in order to reach new audiences and facilitate an exchange of knowledge. The Institute has ties with the United Nations, the diplomatic community, and international agencies; and is located within the largest South Asian community in North America. It also has online training.

Southeast Asia Program at Cornell University

The Southeast Asia Program (SEAP) was founded in 1950 to promote the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge about countries, cultures and languages of the region. Southeast Asia Program also has a lending library for the entire U.S. The lending library is an online educational outreach resource housed in, which provides images, descriptive text, and searchable keywords to aid the teacher-user in finding the materials they need. The library encompasses all of the regional programs within the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, including the Southeast Asia Program. This online resource contains books, movies, music, and culture kits—all of which are intended to promote the internationalization of course curriculums.

Southern Oral History Program

The Southern Oral History Program has worked to preserve the voices of the southern past since 1973. They have collected more than 5,000 interviews from people with all different backgrounds. Their Southern Historical Collection provides an online database to these captivating interviews, including Asian-Americans living in the historical South and present-day.

Teach Japan 

Art museums are joining together to provide a clearinghouse of exemplary resources to help you teach about Japan.
Find peer-reviewed lesson plans, student-friendly videos, contextual information, and high quality images.

Technology and Chinese Language Teaching

TCLT seeks to promote the research and application of educational technology in Chinese language learning and instruction through conferences, publications, services and community interaction.

World Languages: Mandarin Chinese

Created by Ed Tech Productions from the San Diego County Office of Education, World Language Mandarin Chinese (World: Guanxi Resource Center) gives educators tips for language acquisition, curriculum development, language instruction and student engagement videos, and administrative support.

World View

World View is a UNC public service program that equips K-12 and community college educators with global knowledge, best practices, and resources to prepare students to live in an interconnected and diverse world. Word View conducts various professional development opportunities for educators, including seminars, conferences, online courses, and study abroad. The Carolina Asia Center works with World View to infuse Asia content into their programs.