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Nishida on Well-Being: Reflections from Medieval Buddhist Philosophy

Join us for a workshop with Takushi Odagiri (M.D. Tokyo, Ph.D. Stanford). Nishida is one of the most influential twentieth-century Japanese philosophers. Influenced by Fichte and Hegel, Nishida’s work is often compared with Lebensphilosophie , the philosophical trend that arise … Read more

Cultural Revolution in Asia and Beyond

Duke University

A dynamic conference of global experts convenes at Duke in the 50th year since the start of the Cultural Revolution in China to critically examine its influence within and beyond the country's borders. This multimedia event encompasses an art exhibit, … Read more

Religion and Nationalism in Asia

Duke University's John Hope Franklin Center, Room 240 2204 Erwin Road, Durham, NC, United States

Convenors: Prasenjit Duara, Duke University Levi McLaughlin, North Carolina State University In this one-day symposium, participants in two panels will draw on their ethnographic investigations and historical research to stimulate conversation on the Asian religion/politics nexus. They shall present case … Read more

Translocal Melancholy: Ba Jin’s Anarcho-Humanism in Republican Shanghai

Ahmadieh Family Conference Hall, Room 240 2204 Erwin Rd., Durham, NC 27708 United States, NC, United States

Ba Jin (1904-2005) is one of the most celebrated authors of twentieth-century China. Most widely known for his novel Family (first serialized in 1931), Ba Jin was an anarchist inspired by Kropotkin and Bakunin who corresponded with such prominent international … Read more

The Soul of China: The Return of Religion After Mao

Perkins Library, Room 217, Duke West Campus Durham, NC, United States

Following a century of violent anti-religious campaigns, China is now filled with new temples, churches and mosques--as well as cults, sects and politicians trying to harness religion for their own ends. Driving this explosion of faith is uncertainty--over what it … Read more

Environmental Justice and Sustainable Citizenship

The Global Asia Initiative GAI) at Duke together with DKU will hold a conference on Environmental Humanities in Asia May 22-24, 2017. GAI has been preparing for this conference for a year and we held a preliminary workshop to set … Read more

The Carolina Asia Center supports diverse Asia-related events. However, CAC co-sponsorship of any talk, seminar, documentary screening, film screening, performance or celebration does not constitute endorsement of or agreement with the views presented therein. As an academic institution, we value diverse perspectives that promote dialogue and understanding.