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Bengali Student Association at UNC-CH

Bengali Student Association intends to spread knowledge of and increase awareness of the Bengal region and issues pertaining to its people, culture, language, history, economics, and politics to the University’s campus community. We strive to foster a sense of community and a support network for all students at the UNC-CH and the surrounding Triangle area.

Bhangra Elite

Through the means of high-energy dance, Bhangra Elite strives to educate the UNC community and the Triangle area on Punjabi culture. Bhangra Elite also aims to represent UNC as a nationally competitive dance team through bhangra competitions in the fall and spring.

Carolina Khalsa

Carolina Khalsa is an organization focused on the Sikh faith. Community service is the main goal of this organization. Members of Carolina Khalsa work to educate Chapel Hill students and community about Sikhism.


Chapel Hill Chalkaa is a cultural group whose purpose is to spread awareness of the Bollywood film industry as well as broaden the university’s knowledge of Indian culture through modern dance.

UNC Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc.

DPO is a South Asian interest sorority promoting sisterhood, respect, loyalty, honesty, and friendship. DPO highlights the diversity within Indian culture through participation in the community and social service projects.

UNC Delta Sigma Iota Fraternity, Inc.

Delta Sigma Iota is a South Asian interest fraternity that spreads South Asian awareness through service, education, and unity.

UNC Ek Taal

UNC Ek Taal promotes understanding and appreciation of Bharatnatyam, a classical Indian dance in existence for over 1,000 years which originated in the temples of Southern India.

UNC Hindu Yuva

Hindu Yuva serves as a great source of knowledge on the Hindu way of life and a forum to discuss the many facets of the Hindu dharma, including its religious, philosophical, spiritual, cultural, and social elements.

Holi Moli UNC
Holi is the Hindu festival of spring and harvest. UNC students observe Holi every spring with a giant celebration on the quad.


Monsoon’s mission is to creatively foster dialogue about all eight South Asian countries as well as the vibrant South Asian diaspora around the world. It seeks to fight both the misrepresentation and under-representation of South Asia in mainstream media by producing original content that informs, entertains, and also sparks discussion.

Nepalese Student Association

Nepalese Student Association aims to promote cultural, educational, and social awareness of Nepal.

UNC Samaa

Samaa was born to create harmony between western and eastern cultures. It is a co-ed a cappella group that combines everything from pop to alternative music with traditional Indian and Bollywood music using only voices as instruments.


Sangam is a South Asian student organization that shares the diverse and ancient cultures of South Asia with the rest of the university community. As the second-largest multicultural organization at UNC, Sangam hosts numerous events throughout the school year to not only support South Asian awareness on campus, but to spur community involvement as well.

Tar Heel Raas

Tar Heel Raas actively entertains the general public and raises cultural awareness of the traditional West Indian dances, Raas and Garba. They also represent UNC at national dance showcases.