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UNC alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc.

alpha Kappa Delta Phi is the first and largest international Asian-interest sorority. aKDPhi strives to maintain the highest levels of integrity and innovation in the promotion of sisterhood, philanthropy, scholastic excellence, and Asian awareness in the community while creating lifelong friendships.

Asian American Students Association (AASA)

The Asian American Students Association dedicates itself to advancing the interests and the needs of UNC’s Asian-American student population by providing members with resources and opportunities to define Asian-Americans’ role in American culture.

Asian-American Law Student Association

AALSA provides support, information, and guidance to Asian-American law students, international students from Asia, and all other interested students at the law school.

Chinese Undergraduate Student Association

The Chinese Undergraduate Student Association brings together Chinese students and scholars and those interested in Chinese culture or language at UNC. CUSA serves as an educational instrument for the university and the community by organizing events which promote  awareness of and appreciation for Chinese culture.

Hanmaum Church English Ministry

Hanmaum English Ministry (EM) is a campus Christian ministry based in a local Korean church.

Hmong Students Association of Carolina

Hmong Students Association of Carolina recognizes the “Hmong American identity” and endeavors to educate the community about the Hmong culture through cultural events, exhibits, and community service.


Kasama is a Filipino American association that hosts networking events to cultivate UNC’s Filipino community and spread awareness about Filipino culture.

Korean-American Student Association

KASA seeks to promote cultural, political, and social awareness about the Korean-American community both on UNC’s campus and in the community at large. Membership is open to any and all who are interested in Korean-American issues.


Monsoon’s mission is to creatively foster dialogue about all eight South Asian countries as well as the vibrant South Asian diaspora around the world. It seeks to fight both the misrepresentation and under-representation of South Asia in mainstream media by producing original content that informs, entertains, and also sparks discussion.

Nepalese Student Association

Nepalese Student Association aims to promote cultural, educational, and social awareness of Nepal.


Sangam is a South Asian student organization that shares the diverse and ancient cultures of South Asia with the rest of the university community. As the second-largest multicultural organization at UNC, Sangam hosts numerous events throughout the school year to not only support South Asian awareness on campus, but to spur community involvement as well.

Southeast Asian Student Association

The Southeast Asian Student Association aims to raise awareness of current events and issues in Southeast Asia, to supply a space for a community that values Southeast Asian culture, and to share personal experiences in collaborative group activities to learn more about the countries of Southeast Asia.

UNC Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.

KPL is an Asian-interest sorority that aims to bring a new perspective on social issues, enhance Asian-American identities, and discover similarities through differences within the student body.

UNC Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Pi Alpha Phi is the first Asian-interest fraternity to be founded in the United States. They are based on the pillars of academic excellence, Asian awareness, brotherhood, leadership, and philanthropy.

UNC Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc.

DPO is a South Asian interest sorority promoting sisterhood, respect, loyalty, honesty, and friendship. DPO highlights the diversity within Indian culture through participation in the community and social service projects.

UNC Delta Sigma Iota Fraternity, Inc.

Delta Sigma Iota is a South Asian interest fraternity that spreads South Asian awareness through service, education, and unity.

UNC Samaa

Samaa was born to create harmony between western and eastern cultures. It is a co-ed a cappella group that combines everything from pop to alternative music with traditional Indian and Bollywood music using only voices as instruments.

Vietnamese Student Association

The Vietnamese Student Association  is an on-campus organization for those who are interested in Vietnamese culture. VSA is dedicated to appreciating the beauty of Vietnam and understanding its unique history.