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Student Organizations

Bhangra Elite

Through traditional dancing, Bhangra Elite attempts to educate the UNC campus community and the Triangle area on Punjabi culture.

Chapel Hill Chalkaa

Chapel Hill Chalkaa is a cultural group whose purpose is to spread awareness of the Bollywood film industry as well as broaden the university’s knowledge of Indian culture through modern dance.

Ek Taal

The purpose of Ek Taal is to further the understanding and appreciation for Bharatnatyam, a classical Indian dance in existence for over 1000 years.  The group also strives to enrich the campus community with cultural diversity and bridge cultural gaps through the universal art form of dance.

Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC)

The Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children provides medical care for disadvantaged and underserved children around the world, including India.

Nourish International

A committee of the Campus Y, Nourish is a student movement to end global poverty. In the past, the group has taken community building trips to India.


Pratham, established in 1944 in India, is the country’s largest non-governmental organization dedicated to improving educational opportunities for children there in rural and urban areas.

UNC Alumni in India

There are 398 UNC alumni living in India.

  • 64 earned undergraduate degrees from UNC
  • 218 earned graduate degrees from UNC
  • 53 earned professional degrees from UNC
  • 62 were non-degree students (exchange students, short-term, etc.)

UNC Students/Scholars from India (Fall 2011)

  • 107 scholars from India
  • 147 students from India