Linda Adair
Professor of Nutrition, Gillings School of Global Public Health
Relevant Experience: Has published work on the effects of maternal autonomy on child stunting in Andhra Pradesh, India, and on the broader topics of maternal and child nutrition in India.

Debashis Aikat
Associate Professor of Journalism/Mass Communication, School of Media and Journalism
Specialization: The social and political role and impact of communication technologies in developed and developing nations; Mass Communication in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other South Asian nations; Communication technologies, Internet issues and concepts; The future of communication.

Relevant Courses Taught: JOMC 349 Introduction to Internet Issues and Concepts; JOMC 713: The Global Impact of New Communication Technologies; JOMC 710: “Computing Concepts and Issues: Power Tools for the Mind.”

Shrikant I. Bangdiwala
Research Professor of Biostatistics, Gillings School of Global Public Health
Relevant Experience: Collaborates extensively with IndiaCLEN, the Indian Regional Clinical Epidemiology Network, which aims to improve clinical care through adoption of evidence-based practices and efficient use of resources- IndiaCLEN and UNC’s Injury Prevention Research Center studied family violence in India as part of the WorldSAFE multi-country collaborative study; one of the two founding mentors of the Biostatistics Research and Training Center at Christian Medical College in Vellore.

Jamie Bartram
Don and Jennifer Holzworth Distinguished Professor of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Gillings School of Global Public Health
Relevant experience: Has published journal articles on assessing and managing the risk of fluorosis in children and adults in rural Madhya Pradesh, India.

Margaret (Peggy) Bentley
Associate Dean of Global Health, Gillings School of Global Public Health
Relevant Experience: Worked in India since 1983 in nutrition, women’s health, maternal and child health, and HIV/AIDS; member of the Indo-U.S. Joint Working Group on Maternal and Child Health; National Institute of Nutrition in Hyderabad 60-village study in Andhra Pradesh of infant feeding practices that has the potential to reduce child mortality and improve growth and development across India through changes in policy and program delivery.

Shelah Bloom
Research Associate Professor of Maternal and Child Health, Gillings School of Global Public Health
Relevant Experience: Has worked in Uttar Pradesh since 1979 on women’s empowerment as it relates to maternal health care and high-risk sexual behavior; Near fluent in Hindi and Urdu.

John Caldwell
Teaching Assistant Professor in Hindi-Urdu, Department of Asian Studies
Specialization: South Asian music, comparative musicology, Bollywood songs, and poetry and poetics

Martin Costello
Professor of Cell and Development Biology

Christina Cruz
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, School of Medicine

David Guilkey
Cary C. Boshamer Professor of Economics, Department of Economics
Relevant Experience: Has conducted international research funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, completing primary data collection where the data will be used to evaluate the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative in urban areas of India.

Carol Golin
Professor of Health Behavior, Gillings School of Global Public Health
Relevant Experience: Has published articles on the experiences and perceptions of people living with HIV/AIDS and their service providers in Gujarat, India, and has worked on a grant funded U.S.-India project that studied the HIV prevention needs of people in Gujarat, India.

Dorothy Holland
Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology:

William Kalsbeek
Professor Emeritus of Biostatistics, Gillings School of Global Public Health

Relevant Experience: Conducted a Global Adult Tobacco Survey, a national survey of 8,000 to 30,000 households, to study origins and current use of tobacco products, efforts to quit, and exposure to second-hand smoke in India.

Robert Krysiak
Research Associate, Medicine
Relevant Experience:

Lauren Leve
Associate Professor of Religions in Asia, Religious Studies Department
Specialization: Religion, International Development, Gender and Sexuality (including women’s empowerment), Personhood and Identity; Violence and Human Rights, Transnationalism, Ethnographic Methods; Buddhism, Hinduism, Nepal, South and Southeast Asia, the Himalayas.

Relevant Courses Taught: RELI 183/ASIA 183 Asian Religions; RELI 199 Buddhism and Culture; RELI 285 The Buddhist Tradition: Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka; RELI 283 The Buddhist Tradition: India, Nepal, Tibet; RELI 688 Ethnographic Approaches to the Study of Religion; RELI 823 Post-Colonial Approaches to the Study of Religion: Religion and Modernity; RELI 67 Nature, Culture and Self-Identity.

Pamela Lothspeich
Associate Professor of South Asian Studies, Asian Studies Department
Specialization: The Indian epics (Mahabharata and Ramayana) in Hindi literature and theater; Indian literature and nationalism.

Townsend Middleton
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Specialization: Political Anthropology; Politics of Recognition, Belonging, and Autonomy; the State; Affect and Anxiety; Logistics and Infrastructure; Postcolonial Theory; South Asia; India; Nepal
Relevant Courses Taught: ANTH 063:  The Lives of Others:  Exploring Ethnography, ANTH 142: Local Cultures/Global Forces, ANTH 259:  Culture and Identity, ANTH 361:  Community in India and South Asia, ANTH 461:  Colonialism and Postcolonialism:  History and Anthropology, ANTH 691:  Honors Thesis Seminar, ANTH 701: Sociocultural Theory and Ethnography

Barry Popkin
W.R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor of Nutrition, Gillings School of Global Public Health
Relevant Experience: Collaborates with colleagues across India on chronic disease prevention and policy initiatives; teaches one-week annual course with the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI); Speaks Hindi and has lived or worked in India since 1965.

Lesley Pories
Research Assistant, City & Regional Planning

Specialization: Transboundary Water Management, Planning and Policy in developing countries, with particular foci on Central Asia and India.

Relevant Experience: Deshpande Foundation Sandbox Fellow at the Water Literacy Foundation in Hubli, India (2008-2009).

Rohit Ramaswamy
Gillings Clinical Associate Professor of Maternal and Child Health, Gillings School of Global Public Health
Relevant Experience: Worked with Indian development and public health organizations, focusing on continuous quality improvement of health systems and capacity building of the health workforce through distance learning Relevant Courses Taught: Online course “Critical Issues in Global Health” showcasing the work of the International Center for Research in Women in Delhi, Sangath in Goa and Gravis in Rajasthan.

John Rogers
Emeritus Faculty, Geological Sciences
Specialization: Origin, and significance of both igneous and sedimentary rocks; application of petrology to studies of evolution of the continental crust; effect of geology on human history.
Relevant Experience: Crustal evolution of Southern India, northeastern Africa, and the Middle East; combined geological and archaeological research projects.

P.K. Sen
Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor of Biostatistics, Gillings School of Global Public Health
Relevant Experience: Has been setting up an academic program in biostatistics in collaboration with the
Indian Statistical Institute in Calcutta and other universities, so that properly qualified public health professionals can join the efforts of PHFI and others to institute more quantitative assessments of public health challenges in India.

Iqbal Sevea
Associate Professor, Department of History
Specialization: Socio-cultural, political and intellectual histories of modern South Asia.

Sara Smith
Associate Professor of Geography, Geography Department
Specialization: Political, cultural, and feminist geography; intimacy, territory, and bodies; health politics; geopolitical subject formation; Ladakh; Jammu and Kashmir; South Asia.
Relevant Experience: NGO work and research in India since 1999.
Relevant Courses Taught: GEOG 267 South Asia; GEOG 814 Social Seminar on territory and everyday life.

Mark Sobsey
Kenan Distinguished Professor of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Gillings School of Global Public Health
Relevant Courses Taught: ENVR 890 Global Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Ilene Speizer
Research Professor of Maternal and Child Health, Gillings School of Global Public Health
Relevant Experience: Co-principal Investigator on the Measurement, Learning & Evaluation of the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative and as part of this project is leading the evaluation of urban family planning programs in Uttar Pradesh; works closely with the International Center for Research on Women Asia Regional Office based in New Delhi.

Brad Staats
Assistant Professor of Operations, Kenan-Flagler Business School
Relevant Experience: Research has focused on how to address the coordination problems that arise when individuals work in teams within and across organizations, with fieldwork primarily centered in the Indian software services industry.

Jayashankar Swaminathan
GlaxoSmithKline Distinguished Professor of Operations, Kenan-Flagler Business School

Relevant Experience: Teaches courses in global operations, global supply chain strategy and management, and doing business in India. His book “Indian Economic Superpower: Fiction or Future?” highlights the emergence of India and the implications for global business. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi.

Ronald Swanstrom
Charles P. Postelle, Jr. Distinguished Professorship of Biochemistry and Biophysics, UNC School of Medicine
Relevant Experience: Has done research on a rare variant of HIV, subtype C, and ways to redesign HIV vaccines and AIDS therapies for underdeveloped regions, India in particular.

Afroz Taj
Associate Professor, South Asian Studies, Asian Studies Department
Specialization: Urdu and Hindi poetry and poetics; poetic drama and musical theater; Indian cinema; teaching through technology.
Relevant Courses Taught: HNUR 101-102 Elementary Hindi-Urdu; ASIA 165 Bollywood Cinema; ASIA 162 Film, Novel, and Nation in India; ASIA 410 Ghazal Seminar.

Meenu Tewari
Associate Professor of Economic Development, Department of City & Regional Planning
Specialization: International economic development; political economy of industrialization; public sector institutions; poverty alleviation, small firms, and the informal economy.

Relevant Experience: Visiting Fellow, Indian Council for International Economic Relations (ICRIER), New Delhi (Spring 2005);research for The Harvard Center for International Development’s India Program, UNIDO in Vienna, the ILO in Geneva, and the World Bank (since 1993); primary field research is in South Asia (India: Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Kolkata).