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UNC-Chapel Hill offers access to important library collections containing Asia-related materials. Visit the links below for more information.

Asian Studies

See the UNC Libraries guides and resources on Asian Studies.

Bibliography of Asian Studies

Books and articles published worldwide for Asian Studies.

For specific questions, contact UNC-Chapel Hill’s East Asian Studies Librarian, Hsi-Chu Bolick.

Duke University Libraries

See Duke’s international collections including East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Duke and UNC have a long-standing agreement to share resources, and have divided responsibility for building research collections between the two campuses.  Duke has focused on Japan, Korea and South Asia, while UNC has collected extensively on China and Southeast Asia.  More recently, Duke has expanded its Chinese collections, focusing on popular culture and the contemporary social sciences.  The two libraries purchase materials for patrons on the other campus, share a catalog,, and provide mutual borrowing privileges and rapid delivery for materials between campuses.