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WeChat, TikTok, Potential Bans, and the US-China relationship

  WeChat and TikTok are tremendously popular apps out of China—one for communication, payments, and all kinds of personal business, and the other for social media and entertainment content. They have also become political footballs over the past several months, … Read more

Off-Record Communications: Reading Three-Body in China and the US

The conventional wisdom of Western media continues to characterize communication in China as censored, sanitized, and, with the hyper-technologized dominance in facial recognition technologies, “techno-authoritarian.” This talk presents evidence that, although ubiquitous, off-record communications are often not the results of … Read more

China in Loops: Signals from 1900 and 2018

The project of knowing China finds itself in varying loops. Around the turn of the twentieth century, new communicative technologies’ contention with existing print media provided both the material infrastructure and the discursive content for science and technology to encroach … Read more

Book Launch: Beyond Liberal Order

Authors in the new edited collection Beyond Liberal Order: States, Societies and Markets in the Global Indian Ocean (Hurst, 2021) will speak on their research in Asia. Dr. Harry Verhoeven (a co-editor of the volume) will introduce the volume, with … Read more

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