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by Edna Ledgard



The latest volume in Interlink’s International Folk Tale Series offers 25 lucid, lively tales grounded in the mythology and political history of the mountainous “Golden Land” long coveted by Western explorers and exploiters. Readers who love The Arabian Knights will welcome these colorful analogues to already familiar stories (Cinderella, in “Mistress Beloved,” Beauty and the Beast in the wonderful title story), “Law Tales” (in which wise elders adjudicate domestic and other squabbles), animal fables (“The Foolish Crocodile”), and stories of magical transformation (“The Three Dragon Eggs”), among others. A useful glossary and compact Chronology of Burmese History, as well as translator Ledgard’s fascinating long introduction add to the several charms of another splendid entry in an invaluable series. (Kirkus Reviews, June 15, 2000)


3rd Grade, 4th Grade, Ages 9-12, Folklore, Non-fiction