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by Rukhsana Khan

illustrated by Yunmee Kyong


School Library Journal:

PreS-Gr 2– Set in rural Pakistan, this story presents a unique look at sibling rivalry. Rani can’t understand her mother’s affection for Bibi, a chicken “with long, gangly legs and a silly look on her face.” Ami brings the hen indoors when she is sick, uses Rani’s old dress to make a nest, and even demonstrates the best position for egg-laying. After much pampering, Bibi finally does produce an egg, which is put away in a cupboard. When the hen disappears and is presumed dead, Ami is devastated and Rani tries to comfort her. Two weeks later, they hear a noise in the cupboard and discover a fluffy chick. The girl is smitten with the adorable creature, which she names Bibi Ki Buchi (Bibi’s child). The tables have turned, and in the satisfying ending Rani confides, “Ami says I love Buchi even more than I love her, but that’s just silly.” The straightforward text does a good job of presenting the girl’s point of view, highlighting her feelings of jealousy as well as her concern for her mother. Kyong uses vivid colors and patterns to evoke the setting. Filled with textured brush strokes and bright backgrounds, the paintings have a pleasing folk-art quality. Cultural details are naturally incorporated into both the text and pictures, allowing readers a glimpse into life in another country.– Joy Fleishhacker, –Joy Fleishhacker (Reviewed April 1, 2005) (School Library Journal, vol 51, issue 4, p105)


  • Ezra Jack Keats Awards: Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Award


1st Grade, 2nd Grade, Ages 0-8, Animals, Family, Kindergarten, Pre-Kindergarten