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by Hyun-Joo Bae

illustrated by Hyun-Joo Bae



Thoreau may have distrusted enterprises requiring new clothes, but many young children find them thrilling, and they’ll connect with the Korean little girl in this imported picture book who dresses up to welcome the new year. Simple words and inventively composed pictures depict each step in donning the elaborate, traditional costume, from the wrapped and tied rainbow-striped jacket to the silk pouch that brings good luck. Baes delicate illustrations move smoothly between depictions of mishaps as the child wrestles with troublesome accessories and grand, wordless portraits, often incorporating traditional furnishings and ornamentation that demonstrate pride in cultural heritage. Despite an awkwardly translated endnote that lacks pronunciations for Korean vocabulary, this makes an inviting addition to lunar New Year offerings, which frequently focus on Chinese celebrations. — Jennifer Mattson (Reviewed 02-01-2007) (Booklist, vol 103, number 11, p48)


  • USBBY Outstanding International Books – Grades K-2: 2008


1st Grade, Ages 0-8, Art, Family, Kindergarten