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by Hyewon Yum

illustrated by Hyewon Yum


School Library Journal:

PreS-K — This book  is a delightfully helpful twist on kids’ apprehensions as they make their first foray into the classroom. It shows that their parents are nervous, too, via endearing artwork that conveys emotions through color and size. In the beginning, the young boy is drawn larger and much more robust than his mom, glowing with healthy color and moving with excitement and energy. His mother appears tiny and blue and timid, barely peeking out over the covers on her bed and curling up behind her son’s backpack. When she is greeted by another parent, a rosy tint begins to show on her face, indicating she feels better about this new adventure. Then it’s the son’s turn to be small again, and the blue shadow of apprehension creeps across his face. His new teacher is kind, though, and he marches independently into the room, ruddy in complexion and strong-limbed. Poor Mom is blue as she waves good-bye and as she anxiously waits for her son at the end of the day. When they reunite, both are blooming with warm colors-until, that is, the little boy asks if he can ride the bus the next day. Humorously, the mom shrinks a tad and turns blue (and maybe a bit green). This sweet, endearing book  provides an extraordinary opportunity for parents and children to share their mutual fears and reassure one another as the big day approaches. Fantastic.—Alyson Low, Fayetteville Public Library, AR –Alyson Low (Reviewed August 1, 2012) (School Library Journal, vol 58, issue 8, p89)


  • Ezra Jack Keats Awards: Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Award


Ages 0-8, Education, Family, Kindergarten, Pre-Kindergarten