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Panel C: Teaching Asian Studies

Location: Rm. 3024

Meiqing Sun, “Strategies to Promote Welcoming and Inclusive Learning Communities”

Senior Lecturer, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, UNC-Greensboro

Keywords: foreign language and cultural studies, inclusive, community

This presentation introduces strategies to foster an inclusive learning community as a support for foreign language and culture studies. Engaged learners develop academic understandings when teachers commit to integrating language, texts, and diverse cultural perspectives across the curriculum and create an engaging learning environment. An interactive, supportive relationship between teachers and students, and a sense of belonging to culture and community, both inside and outside the classroom, are a guarantee for students to maintain their enthusiasm for learning.

Huai Bao, “Teaching Classical Chinese Literature in America —An Innovative, Cross-Cultural Approach”

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Chinese Studies, Davidson College

Keywords: Chinese literature, cross-cultural setting, multi-media

Teaching classical Chinese literature in the West is an ongoing process of learning and adaptation. It requires sensitivity to cultural differences and a willingness to explore new approaches that resonate with students from different backgrounds. This paper examines the new advances in internationalized teaching pedagogy that I have used in my class at Davidson College in North Carolina, USA.

Xuexin Li, “Teaching of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage to International Students in China”

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies, UNC-Wilmington

Keywords: Chinese intangible cultural heritage teaching, international students in China, cross-cultural setting

Intangible cultural heritage (ICH), as a unique symbol of China’s wisdom and national spirit, is the important vehicle for international students in China to understand and identify with Chinese culture. The application of ICH resources has increasingly become common practice in cultural teaching to international students in China. This presentation introduces some effective practices and successful experience of ICH teaching to international students in China’s universities in terms of multi-subject teaching, experiential teaching, study tour, etc. with an aim to provide a typical Chinese teaching case in this field for reference and discussion.