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photo of map of the world overlayed with the colors of the Korean flag

We’re happy to announce the publication of the special issue “In and out of South Korea: Examining inter-Asian mobilities in higher education” by Globalisation, Societies, Education. This special issue pays close attention to South Korea as an important node of inter-Asian student mobility—a significant departure from the twentieth-century pattern when Asian countries were largely suppliers of students to Anglophone universities. The six original research articles and three commentaries in this issue discuss the shifting global landscape of student mobility, which is characterized by a non-elite and middle-class turn in study abroad and the concurrent marketization and active state involvement in regional globalization.

This special issue will be of interest to readers in Asian studies, global higher education, and globalization. The articles apply ethnographic methods to examine how the modern Asian student challenges normative models of hierarchy, success, and cultural experience based on Western experiences of study abroad, and ask what constitutes successful study abroad and how scholars should discuss it.

The special issue will be officially published in 2023, but in the meantime, you can access them online using the links below:

Kang, Jiyeon, Younghan Cho, and Phan Le-Ha. 2022. “In and out of South Korea: Examining Inter-Asian Mobilities in Higher Education.”

Kang, Jiyeon, and Kyongah Hwang. 2022. “Belonging Otherwise: Chinese Undergraduate Students at South Korean Universities.”

Kim, Sueun, and Younghan Cho. 2022. “Complicit Mobility: Southeast Asian Students in Korean Studies and Their Inter-Asia Knowledge Migrations.”

Kim, Dohye. 2022. “Timing Game: Postgraduate Lives of Vietnamese and Mongolian Students from Korean Regional Universities.”

Lipura, Sarah Jane D. 2022. “Fringe Capital and Perceived Values of Korean Educational Mobilities (KEM) in Asia: The Case of Korean Degree-Seeking Students in the Philippines.”

PHAN, Le Ha, DANG Thi Phuong Anh, and NGO Hang T.D. 2022. “(Accidental) Internationalisation of Higher Education beyond English, and Complementary, Intersecting Desires: Korean International Students Pursuing Education in Vietnam.”

Phan, Le Ha, Yabit Alas, Najib Noorashid, Sinil Lee, Kyoungkon Lee, and Masitah Shahrill. 2022. “Examining the Odd, Not the Norm: Korean International Students in Brunei Darussalam – a Less-Known Place in Asia.”

Jo, Ji-Yeon O. 2022. “Inter-Asia Student Mobilities in and out of South Korea: A Call for Transnationalising Korean Studies.”

Cheng, Yi’En. 2022. “Asian Student Mobilities at the ‘Edges’ of Global Higher Education.”

O’Regan, John P. 2022. “The Capitalist Dialectics of International Student Mobility in the Modern World-System.”


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