The Learning through Languages Research Symposium is a unique opportunity for high school students across North Carolina to conduct and present research in their language of study. In teams of 2-3, students will write a research paper on a topic related to one of four regional research tracks. They will then present their research to UNC and Duke faculty and language instructor judges in their target language on December 8th, 2016 at UNC.

Eligible studhs-symposiuments include Arabic, Chinese, French, German Japanese, and Spanish students, including heritage speakers, at Level III or higher.

Students will conduct and present research in one of four regional research tracks: Contemporary Asia, Contemporary Latin America and Caribbean, Contemporary Europe, and Contemporary Middle East and North Africa. Students can choose any track they prefer. For example, a Japanese language team can study Contemporary Europe.

The objectives of the Learning through Languages Symposium are for high school students to:

  • Learn about a topic of significance to a world region in which the target language is spoken.
  • Engage in cooperative learning with a team.
  • Produce informational writing aimed at a particular audience.
  • Utilize public speaking and presentation skills in the target language.

This program is designed to promote student learning in the areas of research methodology, technology literacy, and critical thinking and to encourage the learning of new academic vocabulary.
Prizes will be awarded. There is no cost to participating in this symposium. Funding is available for travel and sub costs.


You can browse through the Learning through Languages participant portal using this link: LTL 2016 Participant Portal. In this portal, you can access the flyer and program guidelines.




Our team of collaborators includes UNC Carolina Asia Center, UNC Center for European Studies, UNC and Duke Consortium in Latin America and Caribbean Studies, and Duke and UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies.In addition to the support of our collaborating centers we are appreciative of the sponsorship we have received from Center for European Studies at Duke, Center for Global Initiatives at UNC, Department of Asian Studies at UNC, and the Qatar Foundation International.

2016 Learning through Languages